Listen to a new album from Philly punks Mumblr

The guys in Mumblr are the perfect representatives for Philly punk right now: a couple of weirdos that moonlight in a half-dozen other bands perfectly encapsulating how strange it is trying to be real in the internet age. Their first full-length, 2014’s “Full of Snakes,” teemed with jams like “Philadelphia and “Masturbation,” so it makes sense that they’d take two years away playing and sculpting at new ones that live up to the first bunch.

Stereogum premiered their sophomore album, “The Never Ending Get Down,” yesterday, and it seems Mumblr has done it again.¬†Songs like “VHS” and “Mudmouth” call to mind Fugazi and Minutemen, and frontman Nick Morrison’s voice and lyrics are still a centerpiece of the band. Check out the album and a video for the song below. Also, catch the official “Never Ending Get Down” album release show (also featuring Amanda X and Mannequin Pussy) at Philadelphia’s PhilaMOCA on Saturday night. It’s worth the trek.


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