LettUsKnow Wants You to Eat Healthier Food

Photographer: Renee Ellis

York’s Central Market salad stand proves that “fast food” can be healthy.


“Fast food” and “healthy” usually don’t play well together, but Trae Grabosch has managed to blend the two with LettUsKnow – a salad stand at York’s Central Market he opened last September with the goal of providing quick and nutritious meals.

Prior to opening LettUsKnow, Grabosch worked as a chef at Reliance Cafe when he stumbled upon the booming market scene in downtown York.

“It really all started when I was walking around downtown and was wondering where all the foot traffic was,” explains Grabosch. “From there, I kind of explored and did some research on how the businesses were doing. I felt like a salad place would really thrive on the lunch crowd.”

Grabosch even took inspiration from a few New York salad restaurants for his stand’s name.

LetUsKnow0714_ELLIS004“I think it was essential to have a good name,” he says. “It lets us stand out from the crowd.”

LettUsKnow provides homemade salads and wraps that are made from local produce so local that the lettuce in your salad may have come from a stand a few feet away.

“That’s one thing people like about our stand. We get all our stuff from the producers at market,” Grabosch says. “There’s times when a person will ask for blueberries on their salad, and I’ll actually walk over and buy some from a nearby stand.”

It’s the combination of delicious food and a commitment to locally grown ingredients that has fans lining up every Tuesday and Saturday for LettUsKnow’s salads, including the popular Santa Fe salad (romaine lettuce, corn, black beans, cilantro and cheese with homemade Santa Fe chicken and roasted red pepper dressing).

The menu is divided into four made-to-order steps; “The Green Layer” is a variety of lettuce and spinach; it’s followed by “Toppings” – more than 50 to choose from; next up is “The Crunch Factor,” featuring a selection of croutons, almonds, sesame seeds and tortilla strips; the salad is finished by a selection of more than 15 homemade dressings.

Grabosch says his create-your-own wraps have been steadily growing in popularity, allowing customers to have salad ingredients wrapped up for easy eating on the go.

“I also do a lot of seasonal specials,” says Grabosch. “For this summer, I’ll probably do some sort of tropical or Caribbean salad as the weather gets warmer.”

Grabosch notes he’s looking into opening a store front in the near future, but for now, you can enjoy fresh salads three days a week at market.


• 34 West Philadelphia Street, York; 779-8981
• Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 6 a.m.-2 p.m.


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