Laurie Forster's (under $20) wine picks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s highly likely that you’ll not only be attending a holiday party with family or friends next week, but you’ll even go so far as to think, “Hey, I should probably bring a bottle of wine to dinner.” You’re good like that.

The problem: You don’t have any idea what makes for a good bottle of wine.

Well fret not. We’ve tapped the mind of Laurie Forster – wine expert, stand-up comedian and host of WBAL’s The Sipping Point – to highlight a few excellent wine choices for under $20. A good bottle of vino need not break the bank, after all.


WW_PonziPonzi Pinot Gris ($17)

Says Laurie:
“I’m a huge fan of Oregon Pinot Gris. It may be called Ponzi, but this one is no scheme. It has lots of fruity flavor and pairs with lots of appetizers and seafood.”


WW_NobleNoble Vine Pinot Noir 667 ($16)

Says Laurie:
“It’s really hard to find a great Pinot Noir under $20, but this one from the Monterey area is a clone of Pinot Noir from Burgundy. It’s a great red to have around the holidays.”


WW_MionettoMionetto Prosecco Brut ($14.99)

Says Laurie:
“Prosecco is really popular these days and really affordable. Mionetto has lots of great sparkling wine under $20.”


WW_ViettiVietti Barbera d’Asti ($18.99)

Says Laurie:
“Barbera is a red grape from the Piedmont region of Italy. It’s a light-bodied red that’s pretty smooth. Goes great with Thanksgiving turkey.”




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