Lancaster Roots & Blues: Wayne Hancock

Our excitement has been growing for months as Rich Ruoff – the director of The Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival – has slowly revealed the lineup for the February 26-28 music festival in downtown Lancaster. Roots and Blues – now in its third year – features more than 70 local and nationally touring bands. With so many bands to check out in three days, you obviously won’t be able to catch them all, but over the next couple weeks, we’ll be highlighting a few bands you should make sure to see. 


Wayne Hancock

Since his debut in 1995, Wayne “The Train” Hancock has made a living in getting people swinging. Specializing in the type of country and western music that would make three generations of Hank Williams crack a smile, Hancock has traveled the country dozens of times over. In fact, Hank III covered Hancock’s modern country classic “Thunderstorms & Neon Signs” in 1999. Best believe that when “The Train” pulls into town, you’ll be moving one way or another.

Wayne is pulling double duty for the festival, performing first at the Chameleon Club at 6:45 pm on Saturday, February 27. The next day, he’ll be at the Elk’s Lodge at 5 pm.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival?


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