Lancaster First Friday: Surrealism, Star Wars & jazz

Lancaster has oodles of events going down this First Friday, filled with every form of art that you can imagine. Whether you’re a live music aficionado, a theater buff or an art gallery lover, there’s something to do downtown. And while there’s something of a “baseline” foundation to First Friday – Gallery Row, 300 Block of North Queen, etc. – there are three one-off events that caught our eye for this particular edition of First Friday that we think are very much worth your attention:


Epic Movie Music

Epic Movie Music (Ware Center)

Come on. With an event title like that, you know you have to go. Lounge 42 has organized an evening at the Ware Center’s Steinman Hall. Listen to an orchestra perform music from some of the greatest movies (not to mention one of the greatest movie composers, Mr. John Williams) – Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and more. Your $15 ticket includes admission and access to the reception afterward, with cocktails, snacks, dancing, and a second concert, this time featuring indie rocksters Ton-Taun. (No word on whether or not they, too, will cover any John Williams.) Before the tunes start flowing, Lancaster Transplant will be previewing their collaborative artwork piece, made up of watercolor paintings inspired by music. While you’re listening to music, they’ll be arranging the pieces. After the movie music, you get to check out the arrangement they’ve come up with (and party with the other attendees, which is pretty cool too.)


This is not a pipe dream

This Is Not a Pipe Dream (Crystal Park; First & Crystal streets)

This free performance is brought to you by the folks at Creative Works of Lancaster. The comedy “This Is Not a Pipe Dream,” from playwright Barry Kornhauser, examines the life and times of the Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte. In his day, Magritte was on par with surrealist greats like Salvador “Don’t All Clocks Look Like They Just Got Microwaved For Five Minutes” Dalí and Joan “Everything is All Squiggles and Triangles and Eyes” Miró. More specifically, this play deals with the very beginning of Magritte starting to develop the worldview that led to his surreal, almost magical paintings. The weirdest (and probably the coolest) part? It’s aimed at the youth, so bring your teacup humans or borrow some from a friend and treat them to this performance. Curtain goes up (so to speak) at 10 p.m. Bring some lawn chairs, blankets, and popcorn.


Main Street Mystics

Main Street Mystics (Art and Glassworks)

Nothing goes with a late-summer evening better than a little light jazz… Even better? When it’s for free. Check out Art and Glassworks at 319 N. Queen St. to enjoy the quintet Main Street Mystics playing from 7-10 p.m. While you’re there, take a gander around Art and Glassworks at all the merchandise – there’s stained glass, pottery, and even some jewelry – and munch on some grub from Isabelle’s Cuisine.


What are your First Friday plans? Let us know!

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