Lancaster City Restaurant Week: 5 reasons not to miss out

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Hot on the heels of last week’s Hershey Restaurant Week and just a month since Restaurant Week York wrapped up, the third annual Lancaster City Restaurant Week kicks off today ushering in seven days of dining specials and unique menus in downtown Lancaster.

This year’s LCRW features 36 participating restaurants from all across the city representing a wide array of tastes, ethnicities and price-points. From familiar favorites like tenderloin tips on toast at the historic Horse Inn to inventive new options like sea urchin and salmon roe ramen at Issei Noodle and a coffee-cured petite filet entree at Checkers Bistro, there’s no doubt the week holds some great meals in store for diners of all taste persuasions. Click here to see which restaurants are taking part and to view their $10, $20, $30 or $40 menu options.

But in the event you still need some convincing, here are 5 reasons not to miss Lancaster City Restaurant Week 2015. And when you go out, in addition to using the official #LCRW2015 hashtag in your social networks, make sure you tag your photos with #FlyLCRW as well. We want to see what you’re eating!


1) The thrill of exploration

Throughout history, the thrill of exploration has fueled many great cultural discoveries. But while adventurers like Magellan and Columbus took months to reach foreign shores, the modern-day shipping industry has made it possible to indulge in new taste horizons without having to sail the ocean blue. In fact, downtown Lancaster boasts a variety of cultural food options, from Mediterranean to Asian, Italian to Irish. We recommend looking at the list of participating LCRW restaurants, writing the names of the ones you’ve never visited before on tiny slips of paper, putting them in a hat and picking out your destination at random. (You know, just like how Columbus did it.) And if you need help getting there, we’ve put together this map outlining the LCRW playing field, complete with where to park.

2) Lunch!

While this one is likely most pertinent for those who work in and around Lancaster city, it’s certainly not limited to downtown denizens. We know that it’s easy to get in a routine (or even a rut) for your midday meal, especially if your job only allows a short window to fuel up. But lunch doesn’t have to be boring, you know, and one breeze-through on the LCRW’s $10 package page is proof of that. Moreover, even with our limited math skills, we’ve concluded with some certainty that considering a LCRW restaurant for lunch every day in addition to dinner will double the number of times you can take advantage of the featured menus. That’s, like, twice as many opportunities to eat some really good food.

3) Spring is coming…

…and if weather prediction websites can be trusted, we’re going to be seeing some increasingly spring-like temperatures this week, topping off in the 60’s on Thursday. (In full disclosure, it may be a wet 60, but 60 degrees nonetheless.) We say embrace the seasonal change. Park a little farther away from your destination than you need to and walk a few extra blocks. Listen to the birds chirping, cheering you on. This is pre-allergy season springtime weather folks, and it won’t last long. Breathe in that fresh air and earn your appetite.

4) Creativity in the kitchen

Ok, back to the food; it’s a restaurant week, after all. Now if you’re not familiar with the restaurant week concept, allow us to drop some quick knowledge on you. At its heart, a restaurant week is a short period of time (seven days, typically) in which chefs try some new things out, go beyond their usual menu offerings, experiment. It’s not to say that they aren’t playing their best cards on the restaurant’s normal menu – it’s just, well, sometimes limitations like food costs and seasonal availability make certain dishes just not possible to offer regularly. The change of pace in turn offers something unique for regular patrons while doubly serving as an enticing hook to pull in some fresh faces. Our advice? Be a fresh face! If you take anything from this post, please, please, please let it be that you shouldn’t only go to the restaurant or bar where everybody knows your name. Why not make some new culinary friends? Which brings us to our final point…

5) It’s (more) affordable!

Time for some real talk. Sometimes, the only thing keeping you from dining at Restaurant X is the fact that Restaurant X charges a monthly car payment for a side salad. It’s not that they are bad guys for their price points, it’s just that those price points don’t make much financial sense for our monthly budget. The good news is that restaurant weeks typically see many higher-price-tier restaurants serving their fantastic (and fantastically expensive) culinary creations for, how shall we say it, more affordable prices. We’ll get to the point – Don’t you dare shy away from clicking on the $40 package page. Sure, you’ll see a $40 per person meal or two, but you’ll also learn that most are $40 for two, meaning you can now officially afford to wow your significant other with a baller meal. No one said you had to tell him or her that it’s LCRW…


Where will you be eating this week? Tell us below, or show us – and the rest of your social network – by tagging your photos with #FlyLCRW. We’ll post our favorites to our Facebook and Instagram accounts throughout the week.


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