Kyle Morgan boards Shrimpboat at Tellus360

A couple years ago, singer-songwriter Kyle Morgan was adding his musicality to so many bands, it was actually hard to keep track of. From the rock sound of The Cold Fronts to the wild Americana of Perkasie to, most recently, Portland, ME’s rootsy Tumbling Bones, Morgan has more than exemplified his versatility as a musician. In that time, remarkably, he even managed to record a solo album. And it’s damn good.

Fast forward a bit, and Morgan is as active as ever, touring off and on with Tumbling Bones (including a trip to Eastern Europe last year) and also as a solo act. Truth is, when his name shows up on a bill, there’s little certainty on whether he will fly solo or as a duo, with a band, middle school orchestra, Tuvan throat choir…

Tonight, Morgan makes his return to Tellus360 in Lancaster opening for the ever-funky Shrimpboat. This makes sense – Shrimpboat’s “captain” and guitarist Bobby Gentilo is also the lead producer at Right Coast Recording where Morgan recorded his solo effort.

But what makes this pairing even more exciting than the mere idea of two fantastic acts sharing the stage is that these two acts will, in actuality, be sharing the stage. Without spoiling the whole show, Morgan gave us permission to leak that the members of Shrimpboat will be backing him for much of his set before he returns the favor and lends his abilities for Shrimpboat’s set as well. I know – my mind was blown, too.

This is going to be a hell of a night. Do yourself a favor and get on out to see it.




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