Kris Kostoff of Beastie Boys tribute act Brass Monkeys shares his top 3 Beastie Boys tracks

Kris Kostoff (aka Ad-Rock aka the King Dad Rock) of the Beastie Boys tribute act Brass Monkeys is (surprise) a huge fan of the three b-boys from Brooklyn. Kostoff – who is known locally for his improvisational jazz trio and Compound, his jazz and hip-hop fusion group – performs with the Brass Monkeys at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster on October 24. Here Kostoff kicks it with us and shares his top three Beastie Boys tracks. Ch-ch-check it out.

1) So What’cha Want

“At the time this was so raw and hardcore in the sense of the music with the organ [here Kostoff does some organ scatting]. It’s a really killer song.”

2) Sabotage

“This is an unbelievable song. I was watching an interview with Ad-Rock and he said that [Sabotage] was almost an instrumental. It was like the day before they were supposed to submit the final album when Ad-Rock came up with the lyrics. It was slated to be an instrumental track.”

3) High Plains Drifter

“This is a really cool tune. This beat is so fat. It’s like the perfect hip-hop beat. I love how they are singing about how they are these crazy guys that are breaking out of the juvenile penitentiary.”


Check out the Brass Monkeys at The Chameleon (223 N. Water St., Lancaster) on October 24. 8 p.m. More info here.


What are your top three Beastie Boys songs?


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