Kickstarter spotlight: Arcade Lancaster

Hey, LISTEN!! Ever since the first few teaser images started appearing on a Facebook group called “Arcade Lancaster,” we’ve been keeping a keen eye on its development. Over the past month, they’ve posted polls, quizzes and hints that a game-bar-style setup would be coming soon to Lancaster, and to say we’re very excited at the prospect would be an understatement. The guys running the place have stayed tightly-lipped, not revealing the location of Arcade Lancaster or the pop-up arcade they announced for September 2.

Just last night, Arcade Lancaster booted up a Kickstarter campaign, and like we’ve done in the past, we’re shining a light on it. According to the page, Arcade Lancaster is hoping to hit their goal of $5,000 by September 23. Once they reach that goal, they’ll be revealing the location, so without the money, we’ll never find out, it seems. Prizes on the low end include high-fives, stickers, posters and all manner of merch, while once you blow through the $200 rewards, you’ll be able to earn free months, private dinners and your own 16-bit likeness on the wall of the arcade. Arcade cabinets cost a lot of money by themselves, and to get classics like “Burger Time” and “Galaga” in playing shape takes a lot more money and effort.


Keep up with the Kickstarter here and contribute a few shekels if you can. Are you a bad enough dude (or dudette) to help Arcade Lancaster reach its goal?


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