Join in on Kanye West's album premiere in Harrisburg

While February 11¬†might have previously been known as the day Nelson Mandela left prison after 27 years or when China lifted censorship laws on classic literature, but today it is “Yeezy Day.” The long awaited album, formerly “So Help Me God,” formerly “SWISH,” formerly “WAVES,” currently “The Life of Pablo” is scheduled to make its debut at Madison Square Garden today. As with anything regarding Mr. West, literally anything could happen. But as far as we know, Kanye will be premiering both the album and his newest line of Yeezy Season 3 sneakers.

To somehow make the event even wider, the whole thing will be broadcast in theaters across the globe. For local fans, the closest theaters showing “one of the greatest albums of all time” will be¬†either the Susquehanna 14 theater in Harrisburg or the Cinema Center of Camp Hill 12. The event starts promptly at 4:15 p.m. Re-acquaint yourself with Kanye’s pre-album Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa here, and check out some of the songs that may or may not be on the new album below.

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