John Carpenter eyes return to 'Halloween'

Much like Michael Myers himself, John Carpenter is returning to “Halloween,” no matter how many times he seemed down and out. Famed director Carpenter is currently on tour behind the recently released “Lost Themes II” album, which is making a Philadelphia stop. News broke this morning that he would be returning to executive produce the next film in the series, though it wasn’t made clear whether this would be a reboot or a direct sequel. Carpenter did promise however that his return is to help make the next film the “scariest of them all.” No direct reference was made to Rob Zombie’s two stabs at the franchise, though it can be presumed that Carpenter’s next take on the Michael Myers character will resemble his own, first and foremost. However, if it is a direct sequel, I for one hope that it manages to incorporate ALL of the sequels, meaning we’ll see the Stonehenge cult, that damned Thorn curse and maybe a return of Paul Rudd and Busta Rhymes.

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