It's International Cat Day and also, Meowtallica

Okay. Listen. I’m not sure how to tell you this, but the nebulous governing body that assigns weird holidays has decided that it’s International Cat Day. (Who is this nebulous governing body? Twitter, sure, but where do they get the info from? Stay tuned for an investigative report on this segment of the proverbial “they” at 6.) Possibly related to this wonder of wonders, there’s a feline-fronted version of Metallica’s greatest hits going around. It’s called, of course, “Meowtallica.”

That’s it, folks. That’s all we got. Everybody go home.

Feast your eyes on “Meowtallica,” the best thing you’re gonna see all Meowday – uh… Monday.

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Ed Hirtzel is the Summer 2016 Fly intern. She’s currently an English Honors student at Millersville University. Her hobbies include scribbling, writing both fiction and nonfiction, and compiling useless information about cryptids.

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