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Since it premiered nearly 10 years ago, there’s still been no better place for bands to release their own music than on Bandcamp. According to the site, fans have spent an accumulated $150 million on all manner of releases. Starting today, we’ll comb through some of the local tags on Bandcamp (Harrisburg, York, etc.) to find some of the best local music that’s come out since the start of the year. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like and support the artist. Welcome to “It Came From Bandcamp…”

Early Life Forms-“Lo-Fi Long Play”

Easily the most apt title of this week’s picks, Early Life Form’s “Lo-Fi Long Play” is exactly that: eleven super low-fidelity recordings filled with enough pop sensibilities to transcend any worries about sound quality. The drum machine and fuzzy acoustic guitar brings to mind the best of Sebadoh and early Tame Impala while also reminding me at times of a lo-fi Empire of the Sun. All of the music was created by Lancastrian Evan Schulz who, according to the band’s Facebook page, is looking for a drummer and keyboardist to flesh out the music in a live setting.

Key track(s): “A How To,” “Poison Crown,” “Honest Burn”

Scariel-“Shake me to Wake me”

Proving that even the foremost Google skills can come up short, I confess to having no idea who Scariel actually is, or if it’s even just one person. So if you’re attempting to keep up an air of mystery Scariel, good job! According to Bandcamp, Scariel has put out an album each month of the year thus far, and “Shake me to Wake me” is the best of the bunch. The whole EP barely extends past the 10 minute mark, but the audio experiments are interesting enough to keep you hooked for the whole length. The uneasy mix of electronic sounds and guitar brings to mind the first few of Montreal albums. Here’s to finding out who this actually is, soon.

Key track(s): “Quarter Past Equinox,” “Neap Toes”

Levi Kerr-“aabbcc”

Kerr has been putting out music for the past couple years, but his release from earlier this week, “aabbcc,” seems to be something entirely different from his past work. Formerly using delicately layered acoustic guitars, the three songs on “aabbcc” push the guitars to the side to be ruled by big drums and keyboards. His voice and musical operation brings to mind Bright Eyes’ “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn” album. According to Kerr, all three songs were recorded in one day on his iPhone, which speaks more to his talent than to the ease of the medium. Lyrically, songs such as “somebody make an app that blocks advertisements” tend to speak for themselves.

Key track(s): “Jersey Devil”

Do you live in the area and have released music on Bandcamp recently? Let us know!


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