It Came From Bandcamp vol. 8

On a special July 4th weekend edition of “It Came From Bandcamp,” we take a look at three bands who embody true patriotism as…just kidding! Here’s three bands representing weird whispery folk, throwback punk and truly funky jams.

natalie-Humidity Dirge

One of the simultaneously best and worst things about the Bandcamp platform is that you can release music as anonymously as you want. Case-in point: I came across these two songs by someone (or somethings) known only as “natalie.” The music is just as mysterious, with whirling acoustic guitars and a whispering voice floating over fleeting keyboard notes. There’s a timidness, but there’s also bits of humor, like the repeated line from “orbi(t)nirpmi” : “Fix your jaw so you seem tougher/I learned this from some random f***er.

Key track(s): “Cyclical”

Get In The Van-EP

No, this is not a soundtrack album to Henry Rollins’ pivotal tour autobiography…it’s better! Keeping the songs hard and fast, “Get In The Van” is exactly the kind of punk for anyone that just wants to lose their minds to music. Most songs remain less than two minutes long, though album-closer “Neon Signs” threatens to be three minutes long though never crosses over. And nearly as much as the music itself, I’m a big fan of the gentleman on the cover skateboarding with his tongue out.

Key track(s): “Code Red,” “Killing Time”


Andy Mowatt’s Steely Jam-Steely Jam Live 06-04-2016

I’ve been lucky enough to see Andy Mowatt both solo and surrounded by a band, playing originals and amazing covers. He’s a fixture on the Lancaster scene for a reason, and this 28-track (!!) live album proves it. Featuring cuts by Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield and a handful by Gods-on-high Steely Dan, the nearly three hours of music goes by faster than it has any right to.

Key track(s): “Move On Up,” “The Extra Dank, “Kid Charlemagne”

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