It Came From Bandcamp vol. 6

This week on “It Came From Bandcamp…,” I narrowed my range a little further and picked an album each from Ephrata, Lititz and Stroudsburg.

Langis Wolf-“Some Cool Songs”

It’s both fascinating and encouraging that the previously-thought flash-in-the-pan genre of EDM (or whatever is considered “electronic dance music” today) still exists. Strasburg’s Langis Wolf (“flow signal” backwards) is one of the good ones, crafting beats that don’t always lead to a big drop. Nothing is overloaded or maxed out, audio level-wise, which allows “Some Cool Songs” to fit on a sweaty dancefloor or hanging around on your own floor.
Key track(s): “Optimus Time,” “Hyperactive”

Benjamin Vo-“Country Sugar EP”

I’m not sure whether or not Lititz is a blues rock hub. I do know that Benjamin Vo certainly makes it seem that way single-handedly with his impressive “Country Sugar E.P.” While mixing in traditional blues tropes (Lyrics referring to cows and the Devil, 12 bar blues arrangements, etc), Vo goes a long way with just himself and a drummer. Also, he kind of vocally sounds like the guy from Steppenwolf, which is a plus as far as I’m concerned. On the cover, Vo is reaching his hat out, presumably for a virtual dollar. Maybe you should toss one in?
Key track(s): “Just a Little Country Sugar,” “Devil’s In My Kitchen”


If I’ve learned anything from the past weeks of digging into Central Pennsylvania’s odd music underbelly, it’s that people love chiptune. Like, a lot. This album, by rekhyt (the nom de plume of Ephrata’s own Ian Ramey) is another that blends together a clear love of video game soundtracks with intense musicianship. Any of these songs could fit perfectly in an indie game, whether it be loading screens or final boss fights. Developers, hit up rekhyt.
Key track(s): “Star/Black Hole,” “Spaghettification,” “Blaster”

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If you’ve got new music on Bandcamp, send it our way!


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