It Came From Bandcamp vol. 5

I done goofed, folks! After missing a week of Central PA Bandcamp recommendations, I am back wading through the lo-fi and home recorded murky waters of “It Came From Bandcamp.”


I will admit to being initially drawn into “Transcript” due to the album’s insignia suspiciously aping my favorite undead mortician wrestler’s logo, but I stayed for the band’s bewitching and transfixing grooves. Throughout the 16-track album, Electives run through a dizzying amount of genres and feels, all without vocals or lyrics. From surf to jazz to lounge to straight rock, there is literally something for everyone here.
Key track(s): “The Moon Can’t Love You,” “Carl Sagan,” “God’s Only Daughter Is Breaking My Heart”

Tyler Burkhart-“Dream of You

By that album cover, you can almost picture “Dream of You” before you listen to it: the winning combination of light guitar picking, even light vocals and just the right amount of reverb. There are millions of songs featuring all three of these things, but Burkhart has years of experience to strengthen lyrics like “Trying to sleep, but what’s the use/when sleep is but a dream of you?” For those that like Nick Drake and early Elliott Smith, this is for you.
Key track(s): “Dream of You”

Here Inside“A Long Day”

A few weeks ago, fellow Fly-er Mike Andrelzcyk interviewed Jason Mundok on the evolution of his song “A Long Day.” The latest version, premiering on Bandcamp soon after the article posted, showcases Here Inside’s evolution into a very-Echo & the Bunnymen style. Mundok creates an easy-going ambiance that never falls off the rails. The b-side, “Melancholy,” features Anne Kirby on vocals and an entrancing guitar riff over deeply-affected drums.
Key track(s): “A Long Day”

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