It Came From Bandcamp vol. 4

This week, Bandcamp delivered us a huge Harrisburg band, moody psychedelia and a Lancaster band pulled apart by transatlantic visa issues.


Weird Year-“Wish and Lean”

The first thing that really strikes you from the start of “Wish and Lean” is the powerful dual vocal quality of Weird Year’s Tara and Hana. The tightness of the harmonies reminds me of the Everly Brothers, but that’s pretty much where any allusions to ancient rock dinosaurs starts and stops. The band is seven-people strong, but most of them don’t show up until the latter-halves of songs, allowing a natural growth from just acoustic guitars and voices. They just wrapped up a tour, so be sure to check them out the next time they’re playing locally.

Best song(s): “Pinwheel,” “Dark”


floodface-“entropic enlightenment”

For those who like their local rock music a tad more heady, floodface seems to be the perfect fit. The vocals are barely louder than a whisper, allowing them to float in between reverb-heavy drums and various guitar effects. Songs like “tidecrusher” change on a dime between distinctly “chill” and “unchill” feel changes at the drop of a hat, but the mixture of electronic sounds and supremely weird grunge guitar feels nice to these ears.

Best song(s): “tidecrusher,” “blink once”


The Star Charts-The Hurrier We Go, The Behinder We Get”

This is one “It Came From Bandcamp” listing where the music is just as good as the backstory. According to the description on the album, The Star Charts recorded this album between 2008 and 2011, when one half the duo was attempting to live in the United States with their Australian visa. Apparently, they couldn’t afford the visa, so the duo broke up and never released the album. Until now! The sad part is that it’s pretty good, with a super bizarre cover to boot. The album has a very “Flaming Lips by way of My Bloody Valentine” feel to it, which is most apparent in songs like “Camden’s Burning” and “Diving Bell.” Definitely worth a listen, no matter what end of the Atlantic you’re on, currently.

Best song(s): “Camden’s Burning,” “Everybody,” “The Hurrier We Go, The Behinder We Get”

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