It Came From Bandcamp vol. 3

Another week, another chance to dive into the best of what Central PA has to offer on Bandcamp. This week, we found a singer-songwriter that plays all the instruments, an indie band with heart and yet another(!) collection of video game-based instrumental music.

Seasonal – “The World We Chose To See”

The guys in Seasonal traffic in precise finger-picking over tight drum beats and moody lyrics. Both are showcased impeccably on their debut EP, “The World We Chose To See.” The collection of songs was recorded at Millersville University, but they achieved a massive sound that competes with any national band. The atmospheric jams will be perfect for contemplative summertime drives through Amish county.

Key Track(s): Pallas Athena, Richmaiden


Another week, another instrumental video game-based album out of Central Pennsylvania. This one comes from a supposed-rapper named Profit. The “supposed” comes from the lack of any bars (or words) on this album, but the only other song on his Bandcamp, “Looks Ain’t Everythang,” features a rapper I have to assume is Profit. As for “8BitzNShit.1,” it’s a wonderful trip through recontextualized video game history, with songs from Pokemon, Contra and more getting some backbeats that would be perfect for freestyles. Of course, it’s possible Profit is hoping some enterprising MCs jump on these tracks, so hit him up.

Key Track(s): Got That Jiggly Butt, Mt. Moon Strain, PPL 

Blake Gifford-“Bridgeway”

It’s hard to not to be immensely impressed when you find out an album with a seemingly-full band is made by just one person. That feeling hit me immediately listening to “Bridgeway,” the new album from Blake Gifford (not to be confused with NBA star Blake Griffin, who I’m sure is capable of great music, too). Mixing the intricate picking of bluegrass instruments with actually interesting chord progressions (sometimes a rarity in bluegrass, unfortunately), it’s clear Gifford spent a lot of time on this. Each track is given room to breathe, with Gifford layering instruments until they build to jubilee-levels of giddiness.

Key Track(s): Crooked Thrones, Secondhand, All Sides


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Are you from the area and have music on Bandcamp? Send it our way!
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