It Came From Bandcamp vol. 2

This week we dove into the Harrisburg tag on Bandcamp and found some classic-minded hip-hop, garage rock and ambient guitar music.



Concrete Beach-“Susquehanna Punch”

From the opening spiel of “Wormleysburg Yacht Club,” it’s apparent that Concrete Beach is well-versed in delivering sneer-soaked rock songs. The concise studio recordings only strengthen the curiosity of how the band sounds live. It’s not hard to imagine the “I’ve been freaking out over nothing” refrain from “Freaking Out” shouted in unison by a huge crowd of disenfranchised punks.

Key track(s): “Red Book,” “Freaking Out,” “Drunkle Spellz”

The Radical Dreamers-“Three Ambient Songs for Video Games”

Even the most simple video game soundtracks took painstaking hours to compose and orchestrate. It would probably be much easier if everyone went the Radical Dreamers approach and just used an electric guitar. As for what sort of game would go best with the collection’s ambient guitar noodlings, it would probably be an RPG with a lot of space to roam.

Key track(s): “The Brink of Time”

Knaladeus-“18-C Nostalgia”

Though he currently lives in Miami, Knaladeus was born in the ‘Burg and clearly holds it dear enough to continue tagging his music with it. The mixing on the album lends itself best for headphone listening as the heavy beats and psychedelic production really shines through. A majority of songs on the album would make incredible Adult Swim bumper music. Knaladeus has a flow reminiscent of more than a couple Golden Age rappers, but he distills the sound into one all his own.

Key track(s): “Who’s the Villain,” “Nostalgic Ruler,” “What If”

Do you live in the area and have released music on Bandcamp recently? Let us know!

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