On #IPAday: Quick Sips with Stouts and Stilettos' Tierney Pomone

Today is the day for all you hop heads to gather, drink and, well, tweet about it. It’s #IPAday, an internationally celebrated 24-hour period in which the craft beer community kicks its’ collective nerdiness into high gear, one wonderful sip of an India pale ale at a time.

For some brief history – the day was established back in 2011 as a day for the various contingents of the craft beer community (brewers, bloggers, consumers, etc.) to basically blow up the social media world with conversation about one of the industry’s most trendy beer styles. Over the course of the last two years, the movement’s momentum has grown; brewpubs plan beer dinners for the big day, bars feature IPA tap takeovers, breweries release special one-off IPAs. You get the idea.

In honor of #IPAday, the ladies at Stouts and Stilettos are hosting a happy hour at The Sturges Speakeasy (400 Forster St.) in Harrisburg from 5-7 p.m.

From the stoutsandstilettos.com, here’s a list of tonight’s featured brews:

  • Troegs Brewing Hop Knife
  • Deschutes Brewery 2x Pale Ale and Foray
  • Starr Hill Brewing Co King of Hops
  • Long Trail Brewing Limbo
  • Evolution Brewing Co Lot #3
  • Elysian Brewing Avatar
  • Uinta Brewing Detour

In addition to our interview with Stouts and Stilettos’ founder Tierney Pomone (who, by the way, has earned the IPA Day badge on her Untappd profile for all four years), we picked the craft brew aficionada’s brain a little further about her take on the industry.


Quick Sips with Tierney Pomone


TierneyIPAdayFM: Guilty pleasure beer?
TP: Angry Orchard cider. It’s not technically a beer but I do love it.

FM: Brewery you’ll try anything from?
TP: Dogfish Head

FM: Hidden gem brewery?
TP: Bluejacket Brewing in D.C. Brand new and already amazing.

FM: Favorite label design?
TP: New Belgium has a bottle with alpacas on it.

FM: Favorite hop strain?
TP: Citra (but don’t tell my cat whose name is Simcoe)

FM: Favorite beer you can’t always get?
TP: Cigar City Brewing Snack Attack. It was a once and done beer that I snagged during the Craft Brewers Conference last year.

FM: Favorite night out?
TP: Any day that ends in “y” is a possibility.

FM: Favorite beer name?
TP: Wrecking Bar Brewpub in Atlanta had a Badunkledonk

FM: If you made a beer … style and name?
TP: I’ve made a few. Breakfast at Tierney’s was a French toast Russian Imperial stout and Fallgasm was a caramel apple amber ale. I’d love to make a Tierney’s Tyranny – maybe a super-boozy hopped-up 2xIPA.

FM: Have you ever drank from Das Boot?
TP: Not that I remember, but college did happen, so maybe?


What beers will you be sipping on to celebrate #IPAday? Tell us below!


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