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As a publication both rooted in and dedicated to promoting social interaction, it’s only fitting that we engage in a social media trend or two now and again. Our social media foundation is secure – we Instagram, tweet and post, after all – but sometimes that just ain’t enough. Why merely post a photo when you can hashtag the shit out of it? Why use words when you can emoji?

Well it was only a matter of time until the masses got bored with #selfies. Our intern now tells us that throwing back – er, we mean #tbt – is even cooler. Nostalgia is a heck of a thing.

With our new website up and running, we’re excited to introduce our approach to the #tbt-ing – From the Vault. Over the course of Fly’s 20+ year existence, we are proud to say that we’ve run some great interviews with some extraordinary people. From David Bowie to Bill Cosby, many a household name has been printed on our pages. With our From the Vault series, then, we aim to blow the dust of the old issues (we have every almost every single one of ’em) and resurrect old archived content from the many music interviews and profiles that have run in Fly over the past two decades.

First up is surf rock patriarch Dick Dale. We interviewed the legendary guitarist for our July 2012 issue. There’s a great story here, too. It turns out that Dale prepared for the interview the interview under the impression our publication was focused on the aviation industry. (We were confused when he replied to our request with a photo of an airplane and the words, “Here’s my bird.)

As you’ll read, Dale is an avid pilot and even has his very own runway. You’ll also read accounts of how he was, for all intents and purposes, Leo Fender’s personal R&D department in Fender’s early days.

Dick Dale returns to the region tomorrow night to play The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company, so we thought it fitting to start our series here.

Check back to the site often as more and more archived content is brought back to life. We’ll post updates on instagram-fffacebook-ff and twitter-ff as well. #flyarchive


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