Inside the Dirty Mind of Mitch Fatel


On stage, comedian Mitch Fatel is a soft-spoken, almost shy guy – with a very dirty mind.

The former Howard Stern Show intern talks explicitly about his marriage to his beloved bi-sexual wife and their exploits. And though the comedy can get X-rated, Fatel’s persona and his offbeat style help keep the show hilarious.

“I’m not the same person on stage as I am off stage,” he says. “That would be crazy.”

Off stage, Fatel is intelligent, articulate, opinionated and still super funny. He’s constantly writing new material for his act, obsessively working out and watching too much MMA fighting on his computer.

I gave Fatel a call last month, and we spoke at length about a number of topics – from threesomes, to stolen jokes and stolen cars. We didn’t delve into politics, but Fatel shares at least one of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s views.

“I think political correctness is sickening. I think it’s a scourge on our nation. And I think it’s ultimately going to kill us all,” says Fatel. “Part of what makes people laugh is it’s not the right thing. It’s not what you’re supposed to say.”

Mike Andrelczyk: What’s the most recent joke you’ve written?

Mitch Fatel: My act has changed a little since I first started. I don’t think I’m writing joke-jokes anymore. I talk about how different life is when you get married. I have a crazy bi-sexual wife. She’s a big part of the show now. Everybody is saying the act is better than ever. As a performer, unless you’re growing, you’re just bored on stage.

MA: What does your wife think about having your personal life up on stage?

MF: Think about who’s going to marry me first. It’s going to be someone who’s a little mentally ill. I think her mental illness works with mine. She’s an ex-dancer, so I think that she kind of misses the spotlight. She doesn’t mind being a part of it, but she also couldn’t give a shit if we were just living in Wyoming in the woods, chopping down trees.

MA: It sounds like you have the perfect marriage.

MF: Yeah, we definitely have what could be considered an “open marriage,” but we always get uncomfortable with that term because I think that open marriage implies that the couples can do whatever they want on their own. We think of it as shared fun. I’m just lucky enough to have found a woman that enjoys watching me have sex with other girls.

MA: Do you have any awkward threesome stories?

MF: As a matter of fact, the way I met my wife was in a threesome. I was on stage doing a bit about how I never had a successful threesome. Whenever I’d seen them in movies, both girls were having a great time. And any threesome I’d ever had was one girl throwing up, one girl crying and an ex-boyfriend knocking on the door trying to get in. [My future wife] and her friend were in the audience and said, “Let’s freak Mitch out and give him his first good threesome.” Once I found out she was single, I just glommed onto her like a koala bear and didn’t let go until she married me.

MA: Will you make a joke during sex?

MF: I haven’t done any kind of stand-up, but I’ve probably said a quip or two. I think if you’re having good sex, you can be able to joke because you’re relaxed. The best sex in the world is when you’re relaxed and you’re just enjoying yourself.


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MA: Do you have a favorite moment from your time on the Stern show?

MF: My favorite moment was when I had left the show. Howard said I wouldn’t make it in comedy, and about maybe seven years after that, I was on the Late Show with David Letterman for the first time. And the day after, I heard Howard say, “I never knew Mitch was funny, but I watched him on Letterman, and man, that guy is funny.” Then he had me on the show as a comic for the first time and said he was proud of me. To have Howard tell me he was proud of me was probably, to this day, my proudest moment.

MA: Lately, people have been talking about joke stealing on Twitter. Have you ever come across somebody stealing your material?

MF: Yeah, I have. I don’t want to say his name, but recently, somebody sent me a bit that somebody has been doing of mine – on TV, as a matter of fact. It made me feel pathetic for that person. I had my car stolen when I was 25 or 26 years old. It was a used Toyota Corolla, and it meant the world to me because I was paying for it with comedy. Two weeks later, the police found it. And as I was driving it, I kept thinking, “This car meant nothing to whoever drove it. It was just something they had a joyride in, and it represented a lot to me.” And so I feel like that’s what stealing a joke is like. You’re going really fast, and you get a laugh. But then when everybody comes over and tells you how nice your car is, you know it’s not really your car. You know you didn’t earn it.


Follow Mitch Fatel on Twitter – just don’t steal his jokes – and catch him at Stitches Comedy Club in Lancaster on October 9 & 10. 




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