In October, Hogwarts is only an hour and a half away

Even more reason to love living in Lancaster – it’s only a short Hogwarts Express ride from the wizarding world.

From Oct. 21-22, the Chestnut Hill neighborhood in Philly will become Hogsmeade, the magical village from the Harry Potter series.

And both the Chestnut Hill East and Chestnut Hill West trains will be transformed into the Hogwarts Express to take you there.

Guys, this is big.


There will be Hogsmeade shops, house sorting, Defense Against the Dark Arts spell practice, a butter beer pub crawl and the “Brotherly Love Cup” Quidditch Match.

It’s free to attend, with the conference┬ácosting $10, and tickets for the pub crawl on sale Sept. 28.

Hotel. Booked.


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