ICYMI: Read through 13 years of Nintendo Power back issues

If you were a geeky youth of a certain age between the years of 1988 and 2007, there was one video game magazine that stood above the rest. For those twenty years, Nintendo Power struck the perfect balance between bizarre and helpful, finding room for cheat codes and best-of lists as well as game-based comics like Howard & Nester. The publication changed wildly with the times over the years, as their focus began with the original NES and worked all the way up through the Wii.

Thanks to some good citizens over at the Internet Archive, that immense history can be viewed one page at a time, once again. As of this writing, the Archive has the first 145 back issues, which takes usĀ from the first issue detailing the ins and outs of the then-sparkling new Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES…

…to 2001, when the Game Boy Advance was just on the horizon and coincidentally advertising that a GBA port of Super Mario Bros. 2 would be a launch title for the new handheld. Time remains a flat circle.

It’s hard to put into words how much gaming history is hidden in these pages, waiting to be discovered. There are games that were announced that disappeared without a trace, absurd contests that went winner-less and of course, a ton of hilariously awful advertisements, like this one where Banjo and Conker are inexplicably in a rock band:

Far more awaits you at the Internet Archive. To “Get the Power! NINTENDO POWER!” click here.


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