Hostess announces frozen fried Twinkies

In a nod to county fairs everywhere, Hostess is kicking off their frozen food line with its first installment today. That installment? Deep-fried Twinkies. Obvs.

Apparently, Hostess is testing at least one more frozen food option – filled doughnut holes – but they chose to kick things off with a bang. The deep fried Twinkies are fried, prepackaged, shipped off to Wal-Mart (you’ll need to visit the superstore for the next three months if you want one; after that, they’ll hit other stores), and subsequently frozen until you crave sustenance some chemically-altered evening and pop the little heart-attack-in-training into your heat-giving appliance of choice. For bonus authenticity (and, perhaps, a crispier exterior), you could opt to fry it the rest of the way. Of course, you could also pop it in the oven, or (we’re assuming) microwave or (also assuming) roaring campfire. (Maybe not those last two, actually.)

But the real question isn’t how to finish it – it’s “will this actually taste like a fried Twinkie?” Jury’s still out on that one: it could be a passable imitation, or it could be a disaster. Your preparation method probably has something to do with it – obviously, frying it will render a better specimen than using other methods. That’s sort of a problem, since when you really want a fried Twinkie right the hell now, you probably will not be in the mood to get that big pot out and find some canola oil and heat it up, etc etc etc. But, who knows? Maybe this new frozen version will be the answer to all your deep-fried dreams.

Of course, if you want to make your own from the original non-frozen article, just to be certain you’ll get that delicious ratio of crispy outside and melty inside, that’s always an option.

And if you want to be just a little bit healthier – you could always get yourself some vegan twinkies.

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