Horrible Saturday Hits York Emporium

Was this work week just not packed with enough terror, horror, and all the rest of Stephen King’s kinds of scares for you? Do you want a little adrenaline rush or exposure to the strange this weekend? Are you just one of those people for whom Halloween is more of a year-round lifestyle than an annual holiday? The York Emporium is here to help you out.

From 10-6 p.m. on Saturday, the used books store and curiosity shop will be hosting an event of some infamy – their Horrible Saturday is action-packed with several different events. Several speakers will hold the viewing public in thrall: Matt Lake, author of “Weird Pennsylvania” – a tome that has a ton of ghost stories, urban myths, legend trips, and assorted weird places compiled into 272 pages – will be in attendance. Kevin Buck, author of death-and-times-of-famous-folks tome “Looking for Miss Crabtree and Other Confessions of a Gravehunter”, will likewise be in the Emporium speaking.

The fun – or terror – doesn’t stop there. If you missed your calling as a B-movie scream queen/king/assorted monarch, you can also make up for it now: there will be a screaming contest to test those shrieking pipes, with prizes going to the best screamers, so start those vocal warmups now. (No, you cannot just kill off the competition in B-movie fashion; that will result in a disqualification.) If you’d rather watch horror films than pretend to be in one, no problem: there’ll be a screening of the made-for-TV movie “Ghoul,” based off the book by Brian Keene, a tale of coming-of-age friendship and terror. A group of friends discovers a terrible secret haunting the local graveyard, and – well, like the rest of the Horrible Saturday festivities, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

If you dare.


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Ed Hirtzel is the Summer 2016 Fly intern. She’s currently an English Honors student at Millersville University. Her hobbies include scribbling, writing both fiction and nonfiction, and compiling useless information about cryptids.

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