HMAC brings a show from one capital to another

As the 21st century stumbles to its feet, more and more artists are grappling with the idea of what, exactly, it means to live in the new millennium. Sometimes this searching can verge on a navel-gazey Holden Caulfield vibe that just feels…well, phoney.

The Sea Life stand in the middle of the divide between pop stars and the indie underground – not seeking the sublime so much as digging for a foothold in the world. All this introspection is easy to listen to. Their lyrics express chagrin at the world’s sorry state of affairs, but never touch despondency. There’s a kind of lightness, an upward gaze, in their urgent guitar lines and flowing melodies.

Meanwhile, DC-based Den-Mate – brainchild of Jules Hale – brings brooding to a whole new level. The pounding bass lines and drifting notes threaded through her work invite a whole new kind of wonderment. See for yourself:

These two artists, both all the way from the nation’s capitol, are joining forces tonight, Sept. 2, at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, with the collaboration of artist booking collective Boat People Presents, for one heck of a show. It’s free, which is a pretty rad deal for an opportunity to see two up-and-comers in the indie scene at one time. The music starts at 8 p.m.

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