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Photographer: Photo courtesy of Danny Clinch

It’s been nearly 20 years since Blind Melon lead singer Shannon Hoon tragically died from a cocaine overdose before a show in New Orleans on October 21, 1995. But in that span, fans of the alternative rock band helped to cement its place among the elite groups of the ’90s music scene.

Made up of guitarist Roger Stevens, bassist Brad Smith, drummer Glen Graham and guitarist and York County native Christopher Thorn, Blind Melon continues to attract a loyal following of music fans. Their 1992 self-titled album and the 1995 release Soup are consistently ranked as two of the best albums to emerge from grunge rock, and the video for the song “No Rain” featuring the tap dancing “Bee Girl” is one of the most iconic videos of the era.

Now, renowned rock photographer Danny Clinch has taken on a new project – creating a documentary film about Blind Melon centered around a treasure-trove of Hi8 mm films Hoon shot himself from 1990-95. The videos feature everything from the early days of Blind Melon – with funny conversations between Hoon, Thorn and the other band members – to the final days of Hoon’s life and his struggles with addiction.

Clinch has started a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $100,000 by May 5 to help fund the film. As of this writing, the project has more than 1,100 backers and has raised upwards of $105,000 since being posted at the beginning of April. Rewards for donating to the project range from a special mention in the credits of the film for a $50 pledge to an associate producer credit on the film for a $10,000 pledge.

The film is anticipated to be completed by early 2016. Watch the video for the project to get a better idea of what the finished product will look like.



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