"Heart Like a Hand Grenade" shows at Midtown Cinema

Every good band that rises to prominence has that one album that changed everything or one album that everyone remembers them for. For Green Day, it’s safe to say that their Big Deal Album was “American Idiot” – come on, how many concept album rock operas end up with a Broadway musical? (Go on. Name one besides The Who’s Tommy. We’ll wait.)

“The-making-of” documentaries? That’s sort of a time-honored tradition in the rock and punk worlds (even if the majority of them never leave your parent’s garage or that box of memorabilia from the bad ol’ days in the back of your closet.) Tonight, October 15, at Midtown Cinema, “Heart Like a Hand Grenade” is showing. That’s John Roecker’s documentary on the making of “American Idiot.”

Sound up your alley? Tickets are $10, and the show starts at 8 p.m.

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