Hard-hitting football questions with comedian Mitch Fatel

It’s finally Thursday and that means football is back. It’s time for exciting overtime wins, double orders of hot wings, crushing defeats (and crushing beers) and long lazy Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays (and some Saturdays) full of NFL action.

But first, let’s have a few laughs.

I spoke with comedian Mitch Fatel last week in advance of his upcoming shows at Stitches Comedy Club in Lancaster on October 9 and 10. The former Howard Stern Show intern, Tonight Show with Jay Leno correspondent and long-time stand-up comedian isn’t afraid to make things hilariously awkward. With the NFL season about to start, I had to ask him about his former Tonight Show gig where he was tasked with asking hard-hitting questions to NFL players.


Mike Andrelczyk: I was just watching some of your videos where you interview NFL players. Are you a big football fan?

Mitch Fatel: I used to be a bigger fan of football. I’m trying to watch less sports in my life and I watch too much MMA. I think watching people compete is beautiful.

MA: You do something with those interviews that I could never do. I don’t think I could ask someone very awkward questions face-to-face. How weird were those experiences for you?

MF: Every time I did it, it was a weird experience. Every time I was dying inside, but I always knew it would be funny. No one likes putting themselves in genuinely uncomfortable positions. That uncomfortable feeling lasts for a minute or two, however once you’re done with it, you’ll have something wonderful on tape forever. I watched some of Sacha Baron Cohen’s things like Ali G and Borat and I’m assuming he’s just dying inside as well. It’s like everything else in life. It’s risk and reward. I’m not a guy that likes to piss people off. I’m very insecure and I want people to like me. I knew I was going into situations where I was disliked a lot, but I also knew how to make comedy and I knew that if I took the risk, I’d probably get the results. And I think I got some decent results.


I think Fatel came away with results that a quite a bit better than just decent. Check out Fatel’s interviews with NFL players while you get ready for some football. Be sure to grab a copy of the October issue of Fly for more of our interview with Fatel.

Mitch Fatel interviews members of the 2004 New England Patriots

Mitch interviews members of the Oakland Raiders

Mitch interviews members of the Carolina Panthers

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