Happy Thanksgiving, from our table to yours

This month, I’m pleased to appear along with the rest of Team Fly in a cover illustration by Steve Kale (he’s the guy peeking into the frame from the lower right) that pays tribute, in its own playful way, to a very famous Norman Rockwell painting called “Freedom From Want.”

The original just might be the most iconic Thanksgiving image in America’s collective consciousness. But it’s deeper than it appears at first glance. Picture the original image in your mind (come on, I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere), then look it up online. I bet you’ll notice there’s less food on the table than you thought. That’s because the true bounty depicted in Rockwell’s Thanksgiving is the people around the table.

The “freedom from want” doesn’t just mean enough turkey and mashed potatoes to break your belt buckle – it means freedom from emotional and spiritual want as well. Freedom from loneliness, you might say.cover1115v2

That’s what we really should be grateful for this time of year – not just the fact that we have enough food, nice as that may be, but the time we get to spend with our friends and families.

So if you’re going out with your squad for the biggest drinking night of the year, Thanksgiving Eve, make a point to include some friends you don’t see as much as you’d like to.

If you’re jumping into the Black Friday frenzy, be nice to your fellow humans – yeah, even strangers.

And as you gather your crew around the table this Thanksgiving – whether that table is loaded with the traditional turkey and cranberry sauce, or with something completely non-traditional like Chinese food (or with pretzels and wings and beer like Fly’s table) – pay attention to the people around you. Try to bring them some joy.

We only get so much time together. Let’s make the most of it.

So Happy Thanksgiving, from Fly HQ.

Jed Reinert, content editor
Twitter: @JedReinert

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