Glenn Danzig and the Misfits to reunite in September

I’ve got something to say: The Misfits reunited today!

Frankly more surprising than the current bro-down that Axl Rose and Slash are experiencing, the combination of Misfits vocalist Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only hasn’t occurred since 1982. They’ll be together, along with guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (who performed with Danzig for a few shows in 2014) at two shows at the upcoming Riot Fest in Denver. Whether or not this will lead to new music or an extended tour is anyone’s guess, as the last time Danzig and Only appeared together was in a court room over merchandising rights. It’s best to just enjoy the news and listen to classic period Misfits for the rest of the day. Listen to some choice cuts below.

Things that have happened since the last time Danzig was with The Misfits, by the numbers:

-Star Wars films: 5
-United States Presidents: 5
-Members of the Misfits: 16
-Minimum wage of 1983: $3.35
-Video game systems released: 33
-United States population: 233.8 million
-Annoying Facebook posts: 0
Carrie Underwood, Gabourey Sidibe, Macklemore, Edward Snowden and Jonah Hill were all born in 1983.




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