Glazin' doughnut shop set to open Saturday

You could totally put this shop in Brooklyn, and it would fit in there perfectly.”

HR director/odds and ends director Amy McMillan represents Glazin’s vibe to a tee. She radiates warmth and fun, and she’s got a badass look, with vibrant tattoos and piercings. These things – the warmth, fun and badassery – are something you pick up on immediately when rounding the corner from King onto Duke Street to Glazin’s front door in downtown York.

“All from the dude who started a burrito empire,” McMillan says.

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She’s referring to the Rob Burrito, owner of Roburrito’s and Otto’s Kitchen and Cocktails.

“He’s had the idea of a doughnut shop for a long time. And then last year, Royal Square approached him about, ‘Hey, we’d like a beer distributor and a doughnut shop.’ And he was like, ‘How about I do both?’” McMillan says. “And they became one beautiful concept, and it was Glazin’.

“I think Glazin’ really took on Rob’s personality. The burrito shops are very close to his personality, Otto’s are things that he likes, but Glazin’ – if you know Rob, and you walk in, you think, ‘Yeah, this is Rob.’”

What adds to Glazin’s already stellar concept? Its liquor license.


“Selling beer is totally unheard of in a doughnut shop,” McMillan says.

The Glazin’ team plans to pair different beers with their doughnut creations, similar to what they’ve done at Sweetest Pint events in years past.

“We made a pumpkin doughnut that we were pairing with Wyndridge Farm’s cider, which was really good,” McMillan says. “There’s this pineapple beer with a robot on the bottle, and we paired it with our pineapple fritter.”

You’d think doughnuts and beer, while tasty, could be a decadent and heavy combination. But the recipe for Glazin’s doughnuts is different, in that they’re fried in peanut oil, and concocted by a brilliant pastry chef.

“Rob’s huge on freshness. As a company, it’s really awesome to get behind that type of thing,” McMillan says. “We were working with a pastry chef in New Orleans named Bronwen Wyatt – she’s worked at La Petite Grocerie. So having her come up with these recipes, and us being able to provide a totally different doughnut to York County – we’re really excited to do that.”

Patrons will understand better upon experiencing it, but the difference in the oil used, mixed with Wyatt’s recipe, makes for a crisp doughnut on the outside, and a fluffy cloud in the middle.


Don’t expect to find the same doughnut two days in a row, at least not at first, as Glazin’ plans to test various flavors until they can get a feel for which should be the shop’s staples. However, McMillan’s noticed some favorites since its soft opening.

“Some populars right now are the salted caramel, the carrot cake is pretty big, and of course chocolate. Always chocolate.”

Glazin’s grand opening is set for this Saturday.

Both Glazin’ and Otto’s will participate in Restaurant Week York. Check out their specials here.


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