Get your voice on with Acapellus360

No longer need you watch The X Voice or the Idol Factor or whatever singing show strikes your fancy to live vicariously through the youth of America. Tonight, November 2, at Tellus360, Matt Johnson is bringing Acapellus360 back for another round. Just be prepared to share the spotlight, because a vital necessity for your success in this competition – a team of three or more people is required to enter.

You’ll also want two songs ready to go. Lastly, expect the unexpected. There are three rounds: round one begins with one of the songs you’ve prepared. The survivors of that round will move on to round two, wherein you will spin a wheel to reveal the song you’ve got to sing. The third and final round will have you singing the second song your group has prepared… with a twist (or several). Just like in TV land, the third and final round will be decided by the audience.

For more details, navigate on over here and be ready to sing by 7 p.m.

Looking for more to do tonight, tomorrow, or any other time? Check out for all your after-5-o’clock needs. Want to tell the world what you’re doing after work? Hashtag #FlyAfter5 on Twitter or Instagram to let us know.

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