Galactic Empire seeks galactic credits (aka money)

Back in December, we profiled the band Galactic Empire, local guys with a strong love for both Star Wars and technical metal. They combined those loves into a music video for their interpretation of the main theme from Star Wars, complete with high-quality costumes and humor. That video almost immediately went viral, commanding looks from the likes of Entertainment Weekly and Huffington Post as well as a hefty 2.1 million Youtube views (and counting). Now, they are seeking help (cue obligatory joke along the lines of, say, “Help me, metal fans, you’re our only hope” or something).

Galactic Empire launched a Kickstarter last month along with another new video, this time for the “Imperial March” theme (which can be seen below). The band is hoping to raise funds for, among other things, lighting rigs, speaker cabinets, merchandise and costume modifications necessary to play live shows. Their goal of $60,000 is lofty but manageable, but with almost $20,000 raised and almost a month to go as of this post, it can be done. So work out whatever deal needs to be made with the Hutts in your life and throw some galactic credits to the Empire. (Waves hand and speaks in a measured tone) You will donate to Galactic Empire’s Kickstarter. You will.



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