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Since 2002, Free Comic Book Day has served as a way to build and develop communities of comic book fans new and old. Much like Record Store Day (minus that pesky “free” tag, natch), Free Comic Book Day gives people an excuse to visit their local comic shops and experience the community that comic books can provide. If that wasn’t enough, libraries and stores across the country use the day to promote literacy in children. As always, Free Comic Book Day arrives tomorrow on May 7. To better help you prepare, we’ve compiled all (or at least most) of the participating shops in the area, along with a few lesser-known recommendations to look out for tomorrow.

Participating Free Comic Book Day Stores:

4th Wall Comics
1234 Millersville Pike, Lancaster
Special events: Costume contest, 20% off sale, contests and three FCBD comics per person.

The Comic Store
28 McGovern Avenue, Lancaster
Special events: Author and Illustrator signings, Star Wars and Batman cosplayers, and one FCBD comic per person. The shop is also collecting donations for the Lancaster County Library system.

Comics and Paperbacks Plus
114 West Main Street, Ephrata
Special events: Author signings, costume contest, and two FCBD comics per person.

Complete in Box
368 North Reading Road, Ephrata
Special events: Various comic book sales and three FCBD comics per person.

Comix Next Door
1276 Greenspring Drive, York
Special events: Comic book sales and one FCBD comic per person.

The Comic Store West
2111 Industrial Highway, York
Special events: Appearances by both the Central PA Avengers and Central PA Ghostbusters, creator signings, comic sales, Harrisburg Comic Con ticket giveaway and one FCBD comic per person.

Comix Connection
6200 Carlisle Pike, Mechnicsburg
Special events: Cosplayers, creator signings, comic book sales and three FCBD comics per person. Additional issues can be earned by bringing in canned food donations for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Dimension X Comics, Toys & Collectibles
102 Prince Street, Harrisburg
Special events: Live DJ, food, raffles, comic book sales, auctions both silent and verbal and one FCBD comic per person

2nd & Charles
3501 Paxton Street, Harrisburg
Special events: “Buy 5, Get 5 free” comics sale, cosplayers and one FCBD comic per person.

Free Comic Book Day 2016 Recommendations:


Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1

The central conceit of this bizarre comic is enough to make it worth picking up, even if it wasn’t free: What if Bruce Lee didn’t die in 1973 and hasn’t aged since then, either? Sounds just crazy enough to work.


Love and Rockets Sampler

In July, the long-running and beloved “Love and Rockets” series is getting a reboot, which is fairly rare in comic books. To celebrate, Fantagraphics Books is putting out a sampler of a couple beloved stories from the series’ 32-year history.


Attack on Titan Anthology Preview
Since the manga and anime debuted in 2009 and 2013, respectively, “Attack on Titan” has been recognized as one of the best pieces of Japanese animation in a long time. The series is getting somewhat of a shakeup in its debut in true comic book form, featuring stories that delineate from the main storyline of the manga but take place in the same world.


The Phantom: 80th Anniversary FCBD Edition
As far as costumed superheroes go, The Phantom is what we would deem an “OG.” Predating Superman and Batman by three years, The Phantom’s newspaper debut in 1936 heralded an age of goofy skintight costumes and pupil-less crime-fighting masks. Where would the world be without him? Celebrate his octogenarian status with four classic tales bundled together.

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