Foodstruck York rolls in on Sunday

There’s something about a food truck fair that just gets the blood going. Having so many ways to sate your gluttony, from the conventional (say, hot dogs) to the truly inspired (like a grilled cheese with chips and pickles actually in the sandwich), is the pinnacle of the American dream. (Or, well, a version of it.) So when a food truck fest comes to Central PA, it’s usually – understandably! – a pretty big deal.

Enter Foodstruck York.

This Sunday, from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. in Penn Park, York’s hosting what Foodstruck’s organizers are calling an “admission-free food party.” The idea behind this situation is that you get to walk into the park and access a whole fleet of Central PA’s favorite food trucks – and you only pay for what you eat. In addition to the congregation of food trucks, they will also have a decent selection of beer and wine available (take that, PA liquor stores.) Beer will be sold by the 12 oz pour, while you can buy wine by the glass or the bottle.

Several bands will also be performing, including The Lone Wolf Project, Port Ellis, and The Plums – check here for a full list and time slots for each band. Nothing aids digestion like a few hearty jams, right? Besides Pepto-Bismol?

Now, the one and only downside to this food truck high council is parking – or, well, it would be, if all of the city’s three parking garages weren’t available free of charge for this event. Luckily, they are, and there’s also a free shuttle to aid transport to the event:

Hope you save some room for second (and third, and fourth…) helpings on Sunday. You’re gonna need it.

What are your Foodstruck York must-eats? Is there even an official term for a group of food trucks? Let us know.

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