Foodstruck takes on new goals, branding

You know Foodstruck as the food truck party in York at the end of the summer. Who can forget those noms?

This year, the event’s back, and while participants may not see a clear difference in how things are run, Foodstruck is taking on new management with CrocodileDog Marketing, as well as new locally-focused goals. Also, it’s going by a different name – What the Food Trucks.

I spoke to the new face of the event, Kate Harmon, about what she plans to bring to the table.

Blayne Waterloo: What led to this?
Kate Harmon: Foodstruck kind of evolved into what was led by Phil Given and Meagan Feaser. And it was a group of six friends who brought this thing about. And as time went on, it just became too much to handle. So they decided to not be a part of it anymore. But they wanted it to continue. So I’m taking over with CrocodileDog Marketing, which are the people behind Taste of PA, Hibrewnation, Yorktoberfest.

BW: When is Foodstruck this year?
KH: It’s always the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

BW: What do you have to do to make sure you have all your ducks in a row?
KH: [Laughs] There’s a lot of work, it’s a huge endeavor. Last year over 50 trucks participated, so there are a lot of things that we need to work out once the announcement’s made. So then, we’ll have to ask for sponsors, we start wrangling all the trucks and asking for vendors. It’s a lot of the same contacts, a lot of the same people who participate year after year.

BW: How are you personally feeling about taking this on?
KH: I’m excited. When we moved it to Penn Park, there’s was a lot of discussion, you know, “Why Penn Park?” It’s not a great neighborhood, there’s nowhere to park – all those old arguments you hear about York all the time. And yet, we moved it to Penn Park and people came, and they filled the park, there wasn’t any crime. So we’re taking that an extra step, and in the new rebranding of it, we’re going to have more of a community focus. The first year, our goal is really to maintain. But in the future, proceeds from each year’s festival is going to go back into a community project that directly effects a resident of that neighborhood.

You can see more of the evolution of Foodstruck by looking for their new Facebook page.

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Blayne Waterloo is a reporter for Fly. She loves food, books, her dogs, her husband... and food.

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  1. Just to add some clarification. This event has nothing to do with Foodstruck: A Food Truck Party. It is a whole separate event being run by a completely different group. We wish Kate and Crocodile Dog Marketing only the best in their endeavors.

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