Foodies, Rejoice! Flavors of York is back.

Fans of French cuisine, fizzy drinks and everything in between will delight in the Flavors of York lineup slated for November 1. The event brings 20 restaurants, caterers and other food vendors to the Yorktowne Hotel to offer samples of their hit menu items. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $35 apiece.

Proceeds benefit Temple Beth Israel in York Township and its Doing Good for Goode™ project at Goode Elementary School in York City.

“Temple Beth Israel of York presented Flavors of York in 2006 and 2008. One reason we brought it back this year was because of the amazing growth in the foodie culture in York,” says Deena Gross, president at Temple Beth Israel. “We’ve had so many new restaurants opening in the last few years.”

Among those newcomers are Janina’s Fine Desserts, Tutoni’s and The Handsome Cab – slated to open in the spring.

The foodie fest will include silent auctions and jazz standards by York-based jazz band Five/Four.

Can’t catch the event? You can still check out Flavor participants all season long. We chatted with a handful of participants to see what’ll best please your palate.

For more information, visit or call 717-843-2676.

 Check out our preview of some of the participating venues

Blue-Moon1015CBlue Moon
Darrell Tobin, executive chef and co-owner

What makes your menu stand out?
“Contemporary upscale casual cuisine using seasonal local farm and Chesapeake Bay foods.”
What would you recommend to new customers?
“Seafood, steaks and chops.”
Anything special planned for Flavors of York?
“Beef croustades with horseradish sauce and red onion jam.”


Central-Family-Restaurant-1015CCentral Family Restaurant
Karl Spangler, owner

What makes your menu stand out?
“We are a family restaurant and our specials change daily. We make a lot of our soups and specials in-house and try to use local ingredients when available. We are Pennsylvania’s first certified ‘Place of Hospitality’!”
What would you recommend to new customers?
“The menu item I would recommend would depend on the day of the week. On Fridays it would be our macaroni and cheese. Saturdays we have smoked pork chops from Ilyes butcher shop from Penn Market. Wednesdays, I would suggest chicken pot pie. Tuesday, we make our own chicken corn soup. Sundays, our baked chicken over filling.”
Anything special planned for Flavors of York?
“Macaroni and cheese. We make it with tons of real cheese, not just a sauce pack out of a box.”


DeliDelicous654_1015CDeli Delicious
Emad Ibrahim, owner

What makes your menu stand out?
“Deli Delicious is a New York-style deli right here in York with everything served in the store, such as sandwiches, salads, soups, cakes, desserts, breads and gelato that is homemade daily from scratch. … Experience exquisite international cuisine of the highest quality and freshness in an incomparable, economical restaurant setting.”
What would you recommend to new customers?
“Their incredible selection of cheeses and deli meats. Try their specialty sandwiches crafted with the finest ingredients that will live up to the taste of your imagination. Artisan techniques and old-world recipes are at the heart of all their breads. Enjoy their many other delicious items such as gourmet Italian coffee, line of desserts and the authentic Italian gelato.”
 Anything special planned for Flavors of York?
“Deli Delicious will be serving samples of their pastrami and corned beef Reuben on their seeded rye bread, as well as a whole variety of other sandwiches listed on their menu. They will also serve samples of their artisan breads, crackers, and imported cheeses.”


Essan-Thai-Restaurant-1015CEssan Thai Restaurant
Jai Delp, owner

What makes your menu stand out?
“Individually prepared dishes made from the freshest ingredients and house-made Italian gelato.”
What would you recommend to new customers?
“That is dependent on the taste of customer. If he or she likes spicy or savory food, a recommendation will be made.”
Anything special planned for Flavors of York?
“Our special dish is Thai inspired chili.”


Mi-Caldero-Restaurant-1015CMi Caldero Restaurant
Oziel Bones, owner

What makes your menu stand out?
“Mi Caldero Restaurant offers Puerto Rican influenced Caribbean food. These are my mother, Carmen Bones’, recipes. It’s comfort food. We slow-cook just about everything for a depth of flavors.”
What would you recommend to new customers?
“The mofongo, roast pork and both of our rice options are very popular. Along with the different types of empanadillas we offer. The Cuban sandwich is another best seller. But everyone comes in and finds something that they enjoy. It’s a fairly small menu and everything we offer sells.”
Anything special planned for Flavors of York?
“There are a few special items that will be available for Flavors of York. Come out and support this great cause and see what surprises we will provide.”


Timothy P Spangler, Sr., Chef/Owner,

What makes your menu stand out?
“We offer an underlying Italian theme with a lot of traditional Italian items. We do, however, offer a wide variety of eclectic cuisine also. Most recently we have added traditional and gourmet pizzas to our menus. We use a lot of fresh, identifiable ingredients in modern combinations that make our food superior. Our breakfasts have gained much notoriety in the York area because we depart from the traditional and add our own flair.”
What would you recommend to new customers?
“When asked what is good I tell customers to close their eyes and drop their finger anywhere on the menu and they will pick a winner!”
Anything special planned for Flavors of York?
“Mezzo plans to do a twist on a traditional menu item. We serve a Sicilian favorite on our menu called binulati. It is Italian sausage rolled into Italian bread and baked. We are going to make our own Italian turkey sausage to use in our binulati for the event.  We also have our Mezzo Magic potato chips that we plan to serve with a variety of dips/sauces for both.”


Spectrum1015CSpectrum Farm to Truck
Pete Hess, owner and executive chef

What makes your menu stand out?
“I use a farm-to-table approach to freshness, supporting local producers/farm approach, offering a market menu or customer consultation on menu planning.”
What would you recommend to new customers?
“Braised short ribs on wild mushroom-cheddar polenta (fall and winter), grilled flank steak atop confetti salad made with barley and wheat berries, brunoise of fresh vegs bound with garlic-parmesan aioli (summer). Or, chicken salad is always a popular favorite on a roll with green leaf lettuce and heirloom tomato.”
Anything special planned for Flavors of York?
“The items mentioned plus soup samples of lobster bisque, plus other soup I’ll have at the time of event.”


The-Handsome-Cab-1015The Handsome Cab (Opening Spring 2016)
Robert Godfrey, co-owner

What makes your menu stand out?
“While we don’t have a menu set as of yet, we will offer some amazing recipes handed down for generations in our family along with new and exciting dishes that will pair with our food. What will make us stand out will be our wine selection from around the world, large options of wines by the glass and bottle, that will accompany small plates, beer and cocktails. Wine will have a presence at The Handsome Cab like no other.”
What would you recommend to new customers?
“Please revisit this question in about 4 months, we don’t want to give away all our secrets just yet.”
Anything special planned for Flavors of York?
“The first is our signature veggie burger that everyone loves. It is made with fresh, local ingredients and includes a Thai chili sauce instead of the typical ketchup or mustard. It is the best veggie burger. The second item we are featuring is a decadent coconut cake with fresh whipped cream.”

Be sure to check out other vendors included in the Flavors of York lineup, including:

Anstine’s Homemade Candy
The Copper Crust Co.
DiCarlo’s Original Pizza
The Fizzy Bee
Janina’s Fine Desserts
The Yorktowne Hotel
Tutoni’s Restaurant
Viet Thai Market Street Cafe
Word of Mouth Cupcakes
York City Pretzel Company


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