Fly's annual Valentine's Day dinner & events list

Oh, Valentine’s Day… You bring out the sweetheart in all us.

Your rosy color palette, plush stuffed animal selection and vibrant floral arrangements have for years made it easy for significant others to make their better half feel all gooey inside. Oh, and the chocolates. Can’t forget the chocolates.

But the thing of it is, things come and go. Flowers die, cards get tossed, chocolates get eaten and stuffed animals become chew toys for ol’ Fido over there. What’s timeless, however, is an experience. A night out. A slowing down from the hustle. A conversation complete with eye contact and without multitasking.

Call us romantic, but we’re suckers for casual dinner. Maybe split a bottle of wine. Share a dessert. Get all Lady and the Tramp and go halvsies on a plate of spaghetti. Bottom line – go out together and have you a night.

From the simple to the elegant, special prix-fixe menus to live entertainment, our annual list of Valentine’s Day dinners and events is a roadmap to some of Central PA’s best options to share an amorous evening. Click below for a listing from each of our publishing markets and pray that reservations are still available…

Got V-Day plans? Tell us below. (Don’t worry, secret’s safe here…)



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