#Fly140: The Tweetable Horror Story Project

Halloween is fast approaching, and we’re getting the spookiness started early (it’s still technically summer, you know…). As the region’s many scream parks and haunted hayrides apply their finishing touches this month, we’d like to instead focus on a more traditional aspect of the season that, in the age of CGI-soaked films and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” box sets, has lost its prominence in the industry of scare.

We, of course, are talking about the horror story.

For centuries, gory tales of unsettled spirits, crazed murderers and unsolved mysteries were kept alive via oral tradition. Today, however, the oral traditions of old have morphed into something a bit more digital. (Meaning you use your fingers. Like, to type, or tap on your smart phones. It’s a pun. Dammit, nevermind.)

And so our editorial team has developed the #Fly140 Tweetable Horror Story Project – our challenge to you, savvy Twitter and social media users, to pull together your darkest, most ominous, most terrifying horror story in just 140 characters. (Alright, so with the hashtag, and the space before it, it’s actually 132 characters.)

The idea came about as an homage of sorts to Ernest Hemingway’s famed six-word novel: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” The flash fiction genre, then, is a wordsmith’s opportunity to convey a story with brevity in mind. After all, we ain’t got all day.

Here’s how it works. Your job is simple: sign in to your Twitter account; draft up a horrifying tale in as few words as possible; tag it #Fly140; and Tweet!

Over the next two months, we’ll be creating our own stories, retweeting your entries and, ultimately, picking our favorites to be printed in the October and November issues of Fly Magazine. There may even be some sweet prizes awarded for our favorites!

So what are you waiting for – let the horrifying tweeting begin!


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