First 'American Gods' trailer released

Everybody stay calm. Nobody freak out. Play it cool.

The trailer for American Gods, a TV series based off of Neil Gaiman’s American Gothic masterpiece by the same name, was released this weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con. And it looks super awesome. Bloody, but totally awesome. Ricky Whittle, of “The 100” fame, rocks it in the lead role of Shadow Moon, finally able to display the full range of his considerable talent now that he’s actually getting screen time. Check it out and then we’ll talk:

Okay, so now that you are also super hype for this, let’s do a rundown. Bryan Fuller and David Slade, of “Hannibal” fame, are directing and producing, respectively, so that’s why the cinematography’s so lush that it looks like it’s straight out of a witch’s fever dream on a full moon after a bottle and a half of absinthe. The first season will be released sometime in 2017. Whittle is playing Shadow Moon, a man possessed of a good heart and some really sick coin trick knowledge who’s just getting out of jail a bit early because his wife Laura Moon (played by Emily Browning) died under… really regrettable circumstances. Shadow meets Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane, “Deadwood”), who turns out to be an old god out to round up a bunch of his compatriots to rally against the new gods… like Media (Gillian Anderson, “The X-Files”). Mr. Wednesday, it appears, is in need of a bodyguard. The new gods, like Mr. World and Media, are trying to kill off the new, and Mr. Wednesday wants to convince the old gods to fight. Shadow quickly realizes that nothing is what it appears.

What old gods can we look forward to seeing? Cloris Leachman makes an appearance as Zorya Verchernyaya, Slavic goddess of the evening star. Her buddy, Czernobog (Peter Stomare, “Fargo” and “Prison Break”) is the dude with the real big hammer, another Slavic god who Gaiman interprets as a god of winter and slaughter. Other gods that are confirmed to appear in the series are Mr. Nancy, aka Anansi, the god of stories and knowledge (maintaining continuity with Gaiman’s novel “Anansi Boys”), and Mr. Ibis, aka Thoth of Kemetic mythology, the ibis god of magic, science, and judgement. No sign of characters like Sam Black Crow or Mr. Town and Mr. Road, but there’s still time. The first season only covers the first third of the book, so there’s a chance that if the series is renewed, you could see gods like Kali (called Mama-ji in Gaiman’s text for the most part); the ex-god kobold called Hinzelmann; Irish raven goddess of war and prophecy, the Morrigan… and more.

Are you excited to see what happens? What characters from the book do you hope make an appearance in the TV series?

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