Confirmed: Michael Jackson provided 'Sonic the Hedgehog 3' soundtrack

Internet rumors usually remain rumors, but what happens when they don’t? An easter egg the size of Thriller’s record sales has been lying dormant and unsubstantiated for over two decades, but now thanks to some true blue journalism from The Huffington Post, we know the truth. Michael Jackson contributed a large percentage of original music to Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The HuffPo article goes into extreme detail, but the basic points are as follows: Ben Mallison, a young Sonic fan who also happened to be named for the post-Jackson 5 and pre-Off the Wall single by the future King of Pop, unveiled his theory in 2003 on a message board for Sonic fans. He noticed unmistakable musical cues throughout the game, right down to the ending credits bearing a striking resemblance to Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow.”


Sega, for their part, adamantly refused to confirm Jackson’s presence on the game for years. Work on the game’s soundtrack was finished in early 1993, just months before Jackson’s first round of child molestation surfaced. For all the twists and turns the story takes, I would recommend reading the whole thing. It’s a fascinating tale of how even the most obvious stories get convoluted and forgotten until one person takes the time to do the grunt work. Check out some of the similarities below.

Want more Michael Jackson? Read about Spike Lee’s documentary about the Prince of Pop.


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