Father John Misty releases 'Real Love Baby'

It’s an interesting place to be in as a musician where you can release something and the general public really has no idea if it’s a “real” song or not. Father John Misty is probably the only artist of the moment that operates this way. On any given day, Josh Tillman (the man behind the mask), could release a Lumineers-aping fake Prius commercial song or lyrics to a Netflix show or a cover song of a cover song of another song. This is inherently a good thing, as it keeps fans on their toes and #haterz ever sharpening their knives.

However, Tillman released a new song, “Real Love Baby,” this morning on his Soundcloud page with the caption simply consisting of “why not.” This is a situation where Father John Misty becomes “the boy who cried wolf” of music. Whether it’s a “real” single or not, there’s a lot to enjoy.


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The song itself is a lovely piece of ’70s AM radio-infected songcraft. Musically, it sounds like a perfect combination of his first album’s (2011’s “Fear Fun”) straightforward instrumentation with the gorgeous melodies of last year’s “I Love You, Honeybear.” Interestingly, the song lacks a lot of what his detractors usually mention, which is a lack of irony or detachment. He sounds like he really wants a real love, baby. What this means for the development of his third album is truly anyone’s guess. Check out the song below.


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