Fanfare, please: New distillery coming to Penn Township

Props to Matt Smith and Joseph Ritchie, who just got approval to convert a building currently owned by Bob Elmiger on Baltimore Street in Hanover into a distillery.

What do these entrepreneurs plan to produce? Why, rum, of course. (Just in time for National Rum Day on August 16, too, we might add.) According to their current agreement with the PA Liquor Control Board, thirsty consumers won’t be able to drink on-site. However, the two plan to ship their products out to local bars and liquor stores, where you’ll be able to taste the fruits of their labors. In an area that’s quickly becoming a center for craft beer, it’s nice to see a little variety injected into small-batch boozemakeries. In fact, it’s downright cause to celebrate. If you’re up for a toast to Smith and Ritchie, you might as well mix up a few cocktails and pour one out in honor of these gents for bringing a new distilling effort to the area.


If you want to feel like Ernest Hemingway, you’ll make a Dark ‘n’ Stormy

You will need:

• two ounces dark rum
• six ounces ginger beer
• half an ounce to an ounce lime juice, if you want to be fancy
• lime slice for garnish, to be double fancy
• a highball glass with some ice

What you do: Pour the rum over ice, add the ginger beer, and top off with the lime. Add your garnish and sip slowly whilst staring past the horizon, doing your best impression of a grizzled sailor who’s Seen Some Stuff.


If you want to stay awake but not alert, you’ll make a Gunfire

You will need:

one shot rum
• one cup black tea (try Earl Gray)
• your best English accent
• that mug you never use

What you do: pour your tea in, add your rum, stir, and pretend to be an extra in Downton Abbey.


If you want to have a pina colada but with more punch, you’ll make a Staten Island Ferry

You will need:

two ounces (or one part) rum
• two ounces (or one part) pineapple juice
• a highball glass filled about 3/4 of the way with ice
• a designated driver

What you do: equal parts rum and pineapple juice over ice and stir. Drink. Repeat this as many times as necessary until you either feel like you are on a ferry somewhere pleasant or do not care.


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