EXCLUSIVE: Check out The Mellowells' new single 'Melting Vibes'

The Mellowells have been gearing up to present their new album for a while now. They’ve been steadily releasing teasers on social media and just yesterday, they released the cover for the album they’ll be calling “Head Space.”

The album will be out on Sept. 30, but today, we’re premiering the first single from the album, titled “Melting Vibes,” which can be heard below.

Melting Vibes

The Mellowells-“Melting Vibes”

Frontman Jesse Barki had this to day about the single:

“‘Melting Vibes’ is the way all things fade, the way we have to move on from people, places or events because they’ve moved on first, even though you knew the feelings and ties weren’t permanent, but you got caught up in the reality of what was right in front of you. It’s about moving with the present and letting the past be the past and accepting the unpredicted future.”

If you’re already familiar with The Mellowells, you know that their high-energy musicality translates well in a live setting and “Melting Vibes” is no different. Frontman Jesse Barki seems to stretch his voice even farther than he did on the group’s debut, “Shindy.” “Melting Vibes” has two connected but divided sections, with the second showcasing the band’s intertwining textures during a particularly shred-worthy guitar solo. As Summer melts away into Fall, this song will be a good accompaniment to the last few remaining nights of driving with the windows down.

Catch The Mellowells at their single release show at the Chameleon Club on Aug. 28 and look out for “Head Space” to drop almost exactly a month later on Sept. 30.


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