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Back in October of last year, Fly introduced a new feature called The Six. It was founded on one particular idea: Our belief that Fly’s three separate markets of Lancaster, York and Harrisburg were not really so separate.

We suspected that there were certain large-scale events – big concerts, beer festivals, food fairs – for which people would happily cross county lines (or even the Susquehanna River). We tested that suspicion by conducting reader surveys in which we asked how far people were willing to travel for different types of entertainment.

Sure enough, the surveys proved our suspicions correct – people are willing to travel for large events. But they also showed us something else; something surprising. People are willing to travel all over Central PA for lots of other reasons, too. A good restaurant. A new brewery. A local band they had heard about. A craft beer bar.

What was once three separate nightlife and entertainment markets has clearly become one. “Local” has gotten bigger. And Fly is your guide to that single, larger local market.

Starting this month, we’re producing one issue of Fly instead of three, though we’re still covering all of Central PA. We’ve started with a music-themed issue, but in general we’ll still write about all the things Fly has been known for – bars, beers, bands, food and fun. Y’know, everything you need to figure out what to do after 5 p.m. and on the weekends. (Speaking of – you should check out the new Weekend Edition email newsletter.)

We want to be your guide to the local scene, picking out the coolest, best and most interesting entertainment options. For example, our live music listings are now a set of recommendations – the shows we think you should know about each month, with enough information about each to actually help you decide whether you should go.

Still want the giant list of every single thing that’s going on? No worries, you can still get that in our online calendars. (We recommend bookmarking that page!)

So please, check out the new Central PA edition of Fly – then let us know what you think.

Local has gotten bigger – and we’re pretty excited about it.


Jed Reinert, content editor
Twitter: @JedReinert


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Jed Reinert is the content editor of Fly After 5. His prior experiences include playing in short-lived bands, writing poetry about diners, being hit by a car while skateboarding, witnessing a casino robbery in Las Vegas, and hand-developing a vintage roll of film that turned out to contain candid photos of Adolf Hitler. His interests include craft beer, indie rock, Star Wars and eating as much food as possible.

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