Drink Up: The Slip Cup

Photographer: Via slipcup.com

Slip Cup

The Slip Cup

Categorizing The Slip Cup as a barroom gadget is admittedly a stretch, but it’s definitely an enhancement to one of the barroom’s (and dorm room, and garage, and stadium parking lot, and…) most time-honored games. Especially if you’re a germaphobe. Simply put – the smaller cup slips into your standard 16-ounce “pong cup,” thus creating a sanitary separation between that pong ball you just fished out from underneath the cob-webby work bench in your parents’ basement and the Milwaukee Light you’re about to drink. It even claims to add a center weight to your cup to help ward off the controversial spilled beer (to fill it back up and replace or not to fill it back up and replace…).

Where to find it

Although you won’t find The Slip Cup on the market quite yet, you do still have time to claim a set of first-edition cups on the company’s Kickstarter.

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