Drink Up: The Whiskey Ball

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The Whiskey Ball

The Whiskey Ball

No one is more particular about ice in a drink than a serious whiskey drinker. And while your average bartender may deem an order for a high-end Scotch with just two ice cubes an annoyance, it’s evidence that the customer knows exactly what he/she wants. There’s a whole lot of science behind this whole “ice” thing, after all, and while we’ll leave the whole solid/liquid/gas discussion to middle school science teachers, we will focus on the inevitable process in which your cubes de-cubify (ahem, melt) and permeate your 18-year-old glass of heaven with water. Noticing how quickly small ice cubes melt, the makers of The Whiskey Ball decided to test the theory of how one giant, sphere of ice would hold up. Turns out, it holds up very well, and looks freakin’ cool in the process. And although whiskey enthusiasts quickly snatched up Whiskey Ball molds after it hit the market in 2009 as a way of impressing their friends, many a whiskey bar has now made it common practice to stock the ice bin with these behemoth ice balls.

Where to find it

Chances are good that your favorite whiskey bar already has these in the bin, so ask your bartender next time you’re out. But if you want to experience The Whiskey Ball in a truly novel way, head to The Circular at The Hotel Hershey for its “Sphered Fashion” – bourbon laced with sweet maraschino liqueur, gin barrel-aged orange bitters and spiced black pepper served “in the rocks”

• 100 Hotel Road, Hershey; (717) 534-8800
• Dinner: Monday-Saturday, 5-9:30 p.m.; Sunday, 6-9:30 p.m.

Where to get it

Head to thewhiskeyball.com for an array of Whiskey Ball sets ranging from $9.95 for one to $42.95 for the Quartet Set, which includes four ice molds and two rocks glasses. And while you’re on the site, mosey on over to the blog for recipe ideas and tips, including how to make your own cocktail “in the rocks.”

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