Dracula's castle to host overnight guests on Halloween

Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s castle, aka the castle where Vlad the Impaler resided for a time) will play host to two lucky Airbnb users on Halloween.

The two will be given the full Dracula-by-way-of-Bram-Stoker experience. That is to say, they’ll be treated like honored guests upon arrival, and then left alone to sleep in the Transylvanian castle… in coffins.

Airbnb challenged potential guests to write what they’d say to Dracula, using “vampiric wit” to determine who’ll stay the night Oct. 31.

Even creepier? A descendent of Bram Stoker will play Jonathan Harker, to better recreate the legendary story.

And yes, Stoker fully expects Dracula to make an appearance for the first overnight guests since 1948.


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